Our partners have a unique story that is translated through the quality and the details of their jewelry. We've partnered with amazing brands around the world to bring you the variety, quality, and the attention to detail.


 diablo organics puremods body jewelry partner

Diablo Organics is an award-winning body arts jewelry company located in Austin, Texas. We design and create the highest quality jewelry from organic materials including amber, brass, hardwoods, stone, ammonites, megalodon teeth, fossils, mother of pearl and others.


gorilla glass body jewelry puremods body jewelry partner

Gorilla Glass is the premier brand in glass piercing jewelry. For over a decade we have been designing and handcrafting unique pieces to match your individuality and style.

Our complete line of of jewelry styles and colorways has something for everyone, with constant new releases for both the passionate collector and the everyday user.

Years of technical innovation, constant experimentation and a love for design give us the ability to consistently produce our signature styles to the highest standard, as well as to make custom jewelry to fit your individual needs.

Each piece of Gorilla Glass jewelry is designed and handcrafted in-house by skilled glass artisans at our extensive design and production studio in Oaxaca, Mexico.


invictus body jewelry puremods partner

The goal of Invictus Body Jewelry is to provide high quality internally threaded body jewelry in a variety of stunning styles, with exceptional service, at a reasonable price.

With the continued growth and popularity of the body piercing industry, Invictus Body Jewelry aims to provide professional piercers and jewelry retailers an option for competitively priced internally threaded titanium insertion jewelry.

Invictus internally threaded titanium body jewelry has many advantages over externally threaded counterparts. Invictus Body Jewelry’s non-exposed thread design will not damage initial or unhealed piercings. Also, titanium jewelry can be worn safely and comfortably for long periods of time because of its light weight and durability. In addition, Invictus internally threaded body jewelry is made of implant grade titanium so customers can use it for initial piercings without the risk of rejection or allergic reactions.

Invictus Body Jewelry assists professional piercers and retailers in being more competitive by providing premium internally threaded titanium jewelry to their customers.