"unless you are a piercer or among the self-employed, you will likely be limited in the piercings you can wear at work."  -The Piercing Bible

Your Piercing Or Your Job?

When it comes to your piercings, we all like to be able to show off our piercing with a flashy piece of jewelry. Heck even a nice solid plain piece looks great if worn correctly. But due to jobs in multiple fields, we cannot wear jewelry all of the time.

"unless you are a piercer or among the self-employed, you will likely be limited in the piercings you can wear at work."

-The Piercing Bible

Some find this extreme, and others do not.

The ones that do find this extreme, should understand that when they get a piercing there are risks or small things you don't like. You will be judged, you will be commented on, you will have to heal your piercing properly, you may get rejection, you may get upset parents, the list goes on and on due to getting piercings. But the biggest factor talked about a lot today is having piercings on the job. It is becoming more and more acceptable to this day. I still truly believe that not every job in the world one day will allow piercing, many might in the near future, but not all. There are just corporate jobs or companies that care too much about their image and brand and don't want to hurt themselves because they know others judge pierced ones as a lower quality employee.

But think about it.

This is just an opinion. You shouldn't even care .01 fucking percent on what others say or think about you. It's just fact. The insecurities that you have with others opinions about you is not yourself thinking. Someone else instilled those thoughts in you as you grew up whether it was your mother, father, best friend, aunt, grandma, friends. Someone instilled those bullshit voices in your head and you need to find who you are deep down. Please don't let someones opinions about yourself or your piercings in this matter affect you.

The ones that do not find this extreme, understand that when you get piercings you actually run a risk of having to take it off for work, which is such a small by-product if you consider other alternatives that could happen from getting a piercing, like it accidentally getting ripped out, or infected. These two reasons alone are alternatives that ultimately suck.

So, what do you pick? your piercing or your job?

Here's what I say. On this current day 2/4/19, I have stretched earlobes (about 14mm), a 12g septum, and a micro-dermal. I work at a furniture delivery company which told me I had to take my micro-dermal out or wear a band-aid to cover it.

Now to choose, hmm taking it off was a definite no lol, but wearing a band-aid daily to work on my piercing. I decided to do that. I needed to because I currently am in a point in my life where I need to provide for my family. This job provides and gives us food and a roof over our head. I love my family so much that yes I can take out my little piercings for them.

In the end I care about them more than anything and will do/give up anything for them :) Plus I can always pop jewelry in after work or on my days off. It's not the end of the world, but let me tell you, I am not just working my day job delivering furniture. I work every day of the week(yes even my days I go to my day job) working on Puremods Body Jewelry, Askadan, and flipping on ebay. I am a busy guy but one day will be able to provide for us without the day job and I will be able to wear all of my piercings when I want. I know in the micro I cannot wear my jewelry when I please but its worth it knowing in the macro I will be able to wear my jewelry and have my large lobes that I please!

What is your story?

Let me know in the comments below :)

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Adan Valdez - February 6, 2019

Hey Tani! Wow that is extremely awesome! It is so nice to see more places accept it! Thanks for sharing :)

Tani O - February 6, 2019

Hi! I have 4 lower lip, 2 upper lip, cheek piercings, two 10g septum piercings and a stretched tongue piercing along with 40mm ears. I am currently employed and this is the first job that allows me to wear all my modifications! I also have my whole neck/throat tattooed and dyed hair. I work Asset Protection for Target, and I actually even make about $19/hr. Target is the one corporation I’ve found to be inclusive!

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