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Hey guys,


Adan here from Puremods Body Jewelry. I am the owner and have been since I found Puremods. You've probably seen my face here or there on our website, emails, or social media.


I wanted to start off by telling you how this company got started and a little from my past and how this all came to be. Would be nice to know the history and how much the company (that your about to make a connection with) cares about you!


It all started when I was young, I grew up poor, foodstamps, child support, divorced parents, foodbank, section 8 housing, you name it. My childhood is what made me who I am today. It turned me into this character that started Puremods.


Growing up poor and watching my mom not make much money, I knew I didn't want to live like that either, but what I did notice was how happy she was most of the time. We didnt have stuff that most other families have. Literally we ate bread from the foodbank that was a day or two expired, I got all of the things that I loved to do for hobbies either by trading stuff, selling stuff, or just asking for stuff.


My first skateboard I got by selling my ps2 with all of my games and realized I was way more interested in skateboarding then sitting on my old mattress playing video games.


My first electric guitar I got from 3 friends. Wait...3 friends? Wtf do you mean Adan? I mean My small amp was givento me by 1 friend, another friend gave me guitar strings and a cable, my 3rd friend gave me the electric guitar(with no strings or amps).


I once got into music so much that I traded all of my yugioh cards for CD's to listen to on my portable CD player on my way to school in the school bus. (Years later I traded my Diamondback BMX bike for an Ipod Nano)


These things are just small examples from my childhood that showed me when theres a will, theres a way. I didn't just give up, I usually gave away or traded what I had to get into the next thing. And I tried to never look back and regret my trades or my deals because I miss my old items or hobbies. I knew it would doom me so I just learned to move quickly and hop onto the next thing and not dwell on what I dont have. (These are amazing characteristics to have when you run a business btw)


Anyways, I cant remember what I wanted when I was in high school but I asked my mom and she ended up telling me that I have to work for it.(thank you mom for teaching lesson here) She didn't just want to give me what I wanted, she wanted to make me work by buying me stuff wholesale and sell it at the flea market, or to friends, etc. She asked me what I was into so she could search the internet to try and find a nice wholesale deal where she would buy in bulk and I would sell the products individually to make some money. We went over a few different things but the one that ended up moving forward with me was Body Jewelry (I had my lip pierced and stretched lobes at the time). So, what happened is that she placed a $100 body jewelry order. I remember it included lots of acrylic jewelry(which I dont sell anymore). I was selling acrylic tapers and plugs to a few friends in high school. I helped a friend stretch from a normal ear piercing up to 00g with my little so called business at the time. I sold tapers and plugs for $5 a pair. (At the time they had cost me a little over $1 a pair. He just kept coming back for more so before you knew it, 3 months passed by and I had sold everything for about $400! (Probably all from about 5-10 customers in my school) So this $100 order I was able to turn into $400. I paid my mom back her $100 and that was that. This had happened in 2012.


Fast forward to 2014 where I decided to take my hobby of selling body jewelry online. I decided to do some research after getting pierced and talking with my piercer about his buddy making money selling jewelry online. This had been brought up because at the time I was making chump change working at a restaurant and I had my girlfriend(at the time, Sarah is now my wife) and myself to take care of and support somehow and it wasnt going to happen making $9.50 an hour at my day job.


I stayed up all night doing research on how to sell products online and what to do and how to ship, labels, weighing orders, making profit, finding suppliers, making those connections, etc.


With a lot to absorb in one night I decided to keep doing research and I decided to move in fast. I didnt have money I only had about $140 left in my credit card to use. So what do you think I did? I had a passion, a purpose, and I was doing nothing but thinking what If I start selling body jewelry online and bring in good money to make life easier. Well I decided to use all $140 on Puremods first order ever! I wasnt even scared, I was more excited than anything :)


I know, I know most people are scared or don't think about spending that much because they dont know if they can make the money back or what? I thought to myself and did the math I would have been able to bring in 5-8 times as much as what I spent so yes 5-8 times as much as $140. To me the risk was worth it.


A few days later the jewelry comes in. It was like Christmas (and one of the best ones no joke) products come in. I had no studio light box. I decided to grab Sarahs Sony digital camera and took photos of the products underneath a metal lamp in our living room to give it some light(the photos were terrible) but hey they worked and got us a few sales starting off on more and more time passed by and with every order that came in we used that to fuel our inventory levels. We started getting more varieties of everything along with more plugs and eyelets.


Sales were awesome and got up past $2,000 per month on a consistent basis.


I wake up one morning, and boom. There it is, an email from Etsy saying our shop was closed because we don't handmake any of our items. It was devastating to me, it broke my heart. Because sales were growing and I thought I was getting closer and closer to working on Puremods Full time and quit my day job. But now it was taking a huge step backwards.


I had 2 choices. To keep fighting and find out how im going to restart my shop or just quit. Well I'll tell you one thing (like I did earlier). I was passionate about Puremods so I decided to put in more time into it. I eventually opened up our own website so no one could tell us that our shop is closed and what we could or could not sell. Only thing now was, how do I find traffic???


I turned to social media and building an email list, push notifications, etc. Other methods that I didnt even know about really or ever even really thought about implementing while I had my etsy shop were all coming to me and It was a huuuuuuge learning curve! Im glad to say I learned it all and use a little of everything to this day to build Puremods. You may see ads from us on social media or just organic posts, or an email here and there :)


Just want to give you a huge thanks for supporting us because this company has only grown by each and every one of you putting your trust in Puremods, trust in our products, and of course trust in me (Adan).


Thank you with all of my heart! Seriously, you allow me to work towards my dreams and while im still not there yet and working on this full time, i know it will come withtime because As you guys trust me, I can trust you as well to help us out :)


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