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The Meaning of Obsidian Stone

Posted by Adan Valdez on

Do you know anything about Obsidian stone? or do you just think, hey it looks beautiful as a pair of stone plugs. Well think again because the stone has a meaning behind it.    HISTORY OF OBSIDIAN STONE In the stone age, weapons and blades were made from obsidian stone.   CHAKRAS The classifications vary based on the luster and color of the obsidian stone. Obsidian with black or gold shimmer is effective if used on the forehead chakra, obsidian with dark brown shimmer works on the foot and hand chakras. Obsidian with rainbow shimmer works on all chakras.  ...

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The Meaning of Opalite Stones.

Posted by Dree Schipper on

I bet you already saw it passing your eye somewhere on the Internet, but yes! The meaning of the stones, for the ones that are looking at this and thinking “What in the actual … “ am I reading? Well, as you know already about is that we only natural and organic products of high quality such as Glass, Stone and wood eyelets, and plugs!   But today we're going to talk about one of our own favorites!  OPALITE!   Nice to start off with Volcano topics right? :D   BACK IN YE OLDE DAYS   Opalite used to...

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